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10 Week Fit Challenge

Fit Boss Nutrition’s Coaches design 100% Customized Nutrition Programs and Tailored Exercise Plans to help our clients with their individual needs. Our clients all start with a 10 Week Fit Challenge to jumpstart their fitness journey. What happens after the 10 Week Fit Challenge? Continued programming, accountability programs, reverse dieting and maintenance programs are also available once a 10 Week Fit Challenge has been completed. Our 10 Week Fit Challenge includes the following:

  • Custom Meal Plans

  • Training Plans

  • Supplement Guidance

  • Body Composition Tracking

  • Accountability

  • Support

  • Healthy & Appetizing Recipes

  • Approved Grocery List

Before After 10 Week Challenge Main.jpg
Image by Mark DeYoung

Our Approach

Our Approach: We believe eating clean doesn’t have to be boring. We help build enjoyable menus using an extensive grocery list and recipe guide. We teach our clients how to balance lifestyle and healthy habits in a flexible, approachable way. Weekly meetings ensure progress is being made and help work through personal barriers to keep our clients on track. Work, complicated schedules, family, travel, and boring meal plans are no longer roadblocks in the path to our clients’ goals. With customized nutrition plans, weekly support and accountability check-ins and custom-built exercise plans, our clients are able to achieve incredible transformations. 
Jumpstart your transformation today with a 10 Week Fit Challenge. Whatever your challenges are, a Fit Boss Nutrition coach will evaluate your obstacles and formulate a personalized plan to help you reach your goal. If this is what you’re looking for, schedule a Start-up session today! 

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