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I first started seeing Val for one of her 10 week fit challenges.

When we first met she asked what my goals were and I noticed a flyer for a fitness competition. I told her I wanted to do a show. She looked at me, without hesitation and said ok! I laughed in my head like yeah right, me? Me, who once weighed over 200 lbs and was slowly creeping back towards that weight?! Well fast forward two years and I competed in my first bikini fitness competition!

There's no way I could have done it without Val.
Her drive is to see you successful. Have a barrier or a roadblock or in a funk? She will do everything in her power to find ways around them! Traveling? No worries, she can keep you on track. Kids? Easy. She knows how to make a plan to meet your goals, that fits in with your life!

She's literally just amazing. Never once did I feel like she was just doing the same thing for me as she did for someone else.

My plans, my goals, my meals were all individualized for me.

She learns how your body responds and she's invested in making sure you're successful, however crazy your goals may be! I would NOT be where I am today if it was not for Val. She's an inspiration!




I first started Val's 10 week challenge because I knew I needed help. I couldn't do it on my own. At the time, I had all the reasons to skip a workout and meal tracking. "I'm a single mom, I do both school and work full time. I dont like cooking. I forgot. I have to cancel." I ended up using those excuses to talk myself out of whatever was "too hard". Through all of my issues, and excuses Val never lost faith in me. She gave me the facts, and laid it all out on the table. Her exact words were "Melonie, you just have to trust the process".


I finally said alright, and I let her take the wheel. Before I knew it, I was down 40 pounds from where I started. Not only was I looking and feeling the best I've ever felt in my life, but doors started to open up for me. I started competing as a bikini bodybuilder, modeling fitness clothes, modeling locally, and for a nation-wide company ad. Those opportunities happened because I trusted the "process". The experience with Val gave me confidence and motivation that spilled over into the rest of my life. No matter what was going on in my life, those words are with me.

Being a member of Val's Vixens gave me a network of like-minded women who continue to grow with me inside and outside of the gym. Thank you Coach Valarie for changing my life. 

​~ Mel

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